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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Our Tenants

Realty Masters currently manages over 900 rental properties in the Pensacola, FL area.  Our properties rent from $550 to $4,000 per month with an average rental rate of around $975 per month.  At any time, we have over 35+ rentals available for lease. Please view our current available homes and apartments for rent in the NW Florida area here. We have rented more homes in Escambia County in the last two years than any other leasing company in our area!

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions from prospective and current renters below. From pet policies to home buying, we've answered your top questions below.

Realty Masters is available Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm at (850) 473.3983 and Saturday from 8:30am - 2pm to answer your calls. You can always email us with your questions.

Our goal is to guide you through the leasing process as smoothly as possible to have you happily settled in your new rental home or apartment in the Pensacola, Florida area.

1. Prospective Residents
How do I APPLY for one of your rentals?
03 12 2014
  1. Print the application under Rentals, Application Criteria. Complete this and bring it to our office at 4400 Bayou Blvd Suite 58B, Pensacola, FL 32503 along with your drivers license, two recent pay stubs, and $35 per applicant.  We do offer a reduced military application fee of $20. Typically within 24-72 hours, we will have an approval or denial for the application. You can also fill out your application in the office. 
  2. Visit our Rental Application and Criteria page here.
  3. You may also complete the online application by going to Rentals & clicking on the property you are interested in renting, and clicking apply to rent online at the top, middle section of the window. You will need to fax (850) 473.3975 or email us a copy of your drivers license and a paystub. We will not run your application without payment, so please pay online via paypal.com by following the prompts in the application system. Should you experience problems, please give our office a call.
What is required upon MOVE IN?
03 12 2014

Realty Masters requires:

  1. First month's Rent
  2. Refundable Security Deposit
  3. Administrative Fee
  4. Pet fee (If moving in with approved pet).

All move in funds are required in ceritifed check or money order. 

Typically, we can hold the property with your refundable security deposit for up to 2 weeks (or possibly longer if negotiated.)  A lease should be signed within 3 days of paying the deposit.  Your first month's rent and pet fee are due in full, in certified funds, at our office by the day your lease beings.

Please review our rental application to view our complete rental procedures and policies.

What UTILITY Companies do I call?
03 12 2014

Utility Information provided by Realty Masters

Electricity for all Areas- Please call Gulf Power at (850) 969-3111.

See below for other utilities sorted by area.


  • Natural Gas @ City of Pensacola: 850-435-1800
  • Water Service @ ECUA: 850-476-0480                  
  • Cable @ Cox Communications: 850-478-0200

Gulf Breeze

  • Natural Gas @ City of Gulf Breeze: 850-934-5110
  • Water @ City of  Gulf Breeze: 850-934-5110
  • Some locations- Sewer @ Holley Navarre Water: 850-939-2427 
  • Cable Service @ Mediacom: 850-934-2557


  • Water/Sewer @ Holley Navarre Water  850-939-2427
  • Cable Service @ Mediacom  850-934-2557  


  • Water/ Sewer @ Pace Water: 850 623-4545 
  • Cable Service @ Mediacom: 850-934-2557


  • Water/ Sewer @ City of Milton: 850-983-5400
  • Water/ Sewer @ Point Baker: 850-623-4545     
  • Water/ Sewer @ Bagdad/Garcon: 850-623-5808
  • Gas Service @ City of Milton: 850-983-5400
  • Cable Service @ Mediacom: 850-934-2557

*Milton has several water companies- ask us and we can direct you to the right one*

Fort Walton Beach

  • Power Service @ Gulf Power: 850-689-4600
  • Water/ Sewer @ Fort Walton Beach: 850-833-9500
  • Water/Sewer @ Crestview: 850-682-1258              
  • Trash Service @ Crestview: 850-689-8600             
  • Gas Service @ Okaloosa Gas: 850-682-3017
  • Cable Service @ Cox in FWB: 850-796-1269
  • Cable Service @ Cox in Crestview: 850-682-5131
What is your PET POLICY?
03 12 2014

Pets are accepted on case by case basis with owners’ approval and a $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet.

  • It is the sole discretion of the owner to approve or deny for any reason a pet request by the tenant. In order for your pet(s) to be considered, you must complete the pet section on the application and supply current photos with this application.
  • Due to insurance regulations, we cannot accept Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies or any other aggressive breed or mix of an aggressive breed. These policies do not apply to assistance animals.

Assistance animals are welcome with proper documentation from a medical professional. See our assistance animal policy for questions regarding service animals and emotional support animals.


2. Current Residents
How do I secure Renters INSURANCE?
03 12 2014

We strongly suggest that you get renters insurance, which can be found for under $25 a month. You can typically secure renters insurance with the company who has your car insurance policy for a discount. Should you need assistance with this, just let us know.  Please remember, Realty Masters is not liable for your personal property in the event of a disaster .

If you are military, we suggest checking with USAA first for the best rates.

For our other valued residents, check with these 2 preferred rental insurance companies with their contact information below.

Matt Salvator Insurance Company- (850) 932-3459- Email him at Msalvatorins@bellsouth.net or find him on Facebook.

Michael Johnson - State Farm - 3127 Langley Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504 - (850) 478-7748 or visit the website here.

GEICO - 9 Mile Rd (850) 494- 0052 or visit the website here.

What are my MAINTENANCE responsibilities?
03 12 2014

Tenants are expected to treat this property as it was their own and to make minor repairs as needed as a result of tenant use. Tenant shall accept dwelling, all of the furnishings, and appliances in “as in” condition unless a written statement of any objections is delivered to Landlord within three days of possession.  Failure to do so shall be conclusive proof that no defect exists. 

The owner is only responsible for repairs on functional equipment such as heating, air-conditioning; major built in appliances, and structural problems.  Washers and dryer and any tenant caused problems such as broken glass, torn screens, and loosened doors are the responsibility of the tenant. The owner is not responsible for damage to screens, doors, locks, or windows caused by forced entry.

If there are problems with water or power, tenant shall turn it off immediately and report it to the Landlord. If the tenant fails to do so and further damage is caused, the tenant shall be liable for damage caused by failure to act.

  • Tenant agrees to change the A/C filter every month and to check Smoke Detector Batteries & Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries monthly.
  • Tenant agrees a maximum of two pictures per wall, and to patch holes upon move out.
  • Tenant agrees to maintain the yard mowing, edging, trimming, trash removal, and watering. No cars shall be parked on the yard, or anything that causes degradation to the property. Tenant agrees that any vehicle left on unpaved areas, or any vehicle that is inoperable and/or has no tag may be towed at tenants expense[in accordance with Florida Statute x83.51(2)]
  • Tenant agrees to make minor plumbing repairs needed as a result of tenant use, such as broken toilet seats, clogged drains, dripping faucets, and running toilets.
  • Tenant agrees to safe guard the property during winter months by leaving a faucet dropping in freezing temperature. They will also safe guard in hurricane season by properly securing.
  • Tenant agrees to responsibility for replacing blown fuses and resetting tripped circuit breakers, damage or loss caused by this will be the tenants.
  • Tenant agrees to properly care for the carpet by vacuuming and cleaning up spills. The tenant must have it professionally cleaned prior to move out and provide a receipt to the Landlord.
  • Tenant agrees that the pet fee does not cover damages by pet.
  • Tenant agrees that if they can/do not make repairs, that are their responsibility, and a vendor is sent out by the Landlord, then the tenant will be billed. 


The Landlord or owner shall not reimburse tenant or accept rent in lieu of any repairs made or ordered by the tenant, unless prior written approval is obtained.

Can I make UPGRADES or changes to the property?
03 12 2014

Before doing any painting or any other cosmetic work at the house, please contact your property manager for approval. We will need to contact the owner to get his/her approval and will need to know specifics, such as color choice and brand.  If you paint something or change something without our approval, you may be charged to restore the house to it’s original condition!

How can I pay my RENT?
03 12 2014

You have three options for payment of your rent. 

Please note Rent is due on the 1st and late as of the 4th, so you must have your rent in our office by the night of the 3rd. Cash payments are never accepted, and if your rent is late, you MUST pay in a certified check or money order.

  1. Pay in office - Open Monday through Saturday - or mail your payment to office, but must be received by the 3rd!
  2. Drop in Drop box at office - located to the Right of the front door
  3. Pay online at www.Payclix.com to pay your rent online. The cost is $1.50 to send a e-check, but is much cheaper than a late fee! There is a 3% charge for credit and debit card transactions so we do not recommend using this feature. 
My RENT will be LATE. Is that OK?
03 12 2014

Please let us know if your rent will not be on time!  We will need to know a date you expect to pay, as well as the total amount you will pay. Please refer to your lease in regards to your late fee, which will need to be paid with your rental check.  Personal checks are not accepted for late rents - so you must pay with money order or certified check. We send money to the owners on the 10th of each month, so if your rent is not in by the 8th, we will not able to get it to the owner to pay the house payment on time! 

Need to Add or Remove a ROOMMATE from the lease!?
03 12 2014

You must contact our office if any one moves in or out of your property.  Per the lease agreement, we must have all roommates approved PRIOR to move in.  If you are on a lease with a roommate, and your roommate leaves, you are still responsible for paying the full rent. You will be able to get another roommate to take over the lease with you, but you must contact our office to get the appropriate forms filled out in order to do this and get it approved PRIOR to someone moving in or moving out. We will need all roommates signatures on the form to remove or add a roommate.

When is HURRICANE season and How do I prepare?
03 12 2014

Hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th in Pensacola.

Make sure to stay tuned to weather and news information so you can be alerted of a possible danger.  Refer to your tenant handbook for disaster information, but definitely make sure to bring all outside items inside to prevent them from damaging property.  In addition, if you leave for the storm, we ask that you shut your breakers off and turn your water off at the road.  Please do not tape windows, and do not install wood on the home until you speak with our office. 

Can I get a PET after I move in?
03 12 2014

We must get all pets approved by the owner. Before you adopt or purchase a pet, you MUST get written approval, sign a pet addendum, and pay the $250 nonrefundable pet fee.  If you do NOT get approval and move a pet into the property, you may be evicted.

How do I submit a MOVE OUT notice?
03 12 2014

We must have a 30 day written notice in order to process your move out.  Move –out notices must be given at the 1st of the month and must be for the last day of the month.  If you would like to move out in the middle of the month, you may do so but you are still responsible for rent until the end of the month. We will need the following information on your move out notice:

  1. Dated move out notice stating last day in the property
  2. Forwarding address and forwarding phone number
  3. Address of rental property

You may also submit the electronic move out notice on our website. You can fax the letter to (850) 473 3975 or email to your property manager as well.

You will receive move out guidelines in the mail, but per your lease, you are responsible for Professional Carpet Cleaning and cleaning of the entire home or apartment. Move out guidelines are also uploaded for your convenience under the Move Out Notice tab under rentals.

You may contact our professional Carpet Cleaner David with Kleencare at (850) 748-0682 or you can email him here.

3. Leap to Homeownership!
I'm interested in BUYING a home!
03 12 2014

If you are interested in purchasing the house you are currently renting, or another house in the Pensacola area, we can definitely help you! Contact your property manager and we will contact the owner. 

Realty Masters is a full service real estate company, who deals in sales, including short sales and foreclosed properties in Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa Counties. For more information, 

Click here to view our Featured Homes for Sale and here to browse our local MLS with a complete inventory of all homes for sale in the Pensacola, FL area.  For more statistics and information about specific areas, visit our sales website. 

How do I get PRE QUALIFIED for a mortage?
03 12 2014

Realty Masters works with several lenders in the area to get you pre-qualified for a mortage. Typically, lenders look at a few criteria to determine whether or not you will be able to purchase.

  1. Minimum credit score of 600
  2. At least 7 months rental history with a satisfactory payment history
  3. Two years on the job or in the same line of work, although this is not definite.
  4. Your debt to income ratio- how much your monthly payments on your debt are compared to home much income you bring in.

In order to get qualified for a mortage, you must supply the following financial forms:

  1. Current Pay stubs and Bank Statement
  2. Two years previous tax returns
  3. Complete a mortgage application

Should you want to get qualified for a mortgage, let our agents know at info@pensacolarealtymasters.com and we can email you back three different lenders to contact about getting pre-approved!